Certified Professionals

297 out of more than 2000 certified professionals for usability and user experience have added their profile to below list.

This page lists CPUX certificate holders. In order to be listed as a certified professional for usability & user experience (CPUX) on this website, certificate holders can register themselves. Registration is voluntary and can be withdrawn at any time. Each registration will be verified before it is added to the list.

Name Mr./Mrs Title Country Certificates
van der Mark, Eric Mr. Switzerland CPUX-F
Zimmermann, Marcel Mr. Switzerland CPUX-F
Ziegler, Patrick Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Zellhofer, Norbert Mr. Austria CPUX-F
Zanibellato, Matteo Mr. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Xu, Wenqian Mrs. Germany CPUX-F
Xhaferi, Kushtrim Mr. Switzerland CPUX-F
Wrobel, Stefan Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Wright, Natasha Mr. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Wolf, Christoph Mr. Dr. Switzerland CPUX-F
Winter, Dominique Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Winski, Thomas Mr. Scotland CPUX-F
Werner, Eric Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Wein, Constanze Mrs. Germany CPUX-F
Ward, Rachel Mrs. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Wang, Xiaoyu Mrs. Germany CPUX-F
Walocha, Manuel Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Wales, Jamie Mr. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Wagner, Martin Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Waclawczyk, Ingo Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Vincenz, Marcel Mr. Switzerland CPUX-F
Valenti, Grey Mrs. United States CPUX-F
Underwood, Pete Mr. Dr. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Tripp, Felix Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Torres, Emiliano Mr. Dr. Italy CPUX-F
Toplitsch-Eberharter, Tamara Mrs. Austria CPUX-F
Thomson, Andy Mr. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Thoma, Rolf Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Thom, Dean Mr. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Tews, Marie Jana Mrs. Germany CPUX-F
Tesch, Guido Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Taylor, Ben Mr. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Tauschitz, Doris Mrs. Austria CPUX-F
Sönksen, Malte Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Sönksen, Stephan Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Swoboda, Philipp Mr. Austria CPUX-F
Strinic, Samantha Mrs. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Street, Emily Mrs. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Sterner, Bianca Mrs. Germany CPUX-F
Stenseth, Kristoffer Mr. Norway CPUX-F
Stengert, Hendrik Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Spohnholtz, Tobias Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Spichiger, Martin Mr. Switzerland CPUX-F
Specker, Markus Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Spatzier-Beck, Rainer Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Sommer, Uli Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Smith, Jennifer Mrs. United States CPUX-F
Skrenek, Martin Mr. Austria CPUX-F
Singh, Harvinder Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Simpson, Natalie Mr. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Simon, Vassili Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Seitz, Stefan Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Scott, David Mr. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Schwalk, Matti Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Schueler, Melanie Mrs. Germany CPUX-F
Schneider, Timo Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Schmidt, Fabienne Mrs. Germany CPUX-F
Schmidle, Armin Mr. Switzerland CPUX-F
Schlichting, Jan Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Schlemper, Holger Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Schindler, Sabine Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Schindler, Sabine Mrs. Germany CPUX-F
Schibli, Christian Mr. Switzerland CPUX-F
Schendl, Dominik James Mr. Switzerland CPUX-F
Schauerhofer, Johanna Mrs. Austria CPUX-F
Saphörster, Maik Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Sandra, Schuster Mrs. Germany CPUX-F
Sachtleben, Johanna Mrs. Germany CPUX-F
Rösner, Tanja Mrs. Germany CPUX-F
Rösel-Horbas, Michael Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Rutz, Milena Mr. Switzerland CPUX-F
Rusch, Astrid Mrs. Germany CPUX-F
Rourke, Chris Mr. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Roland, Julien Mr. Switzerland CPUX-F
Robertson, Lynne Mrs. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Reitz, Thore Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Reitmair, Markus Mr. Austria CPUX-F
Reisemann, Matthias Mr. Dr. Germany CPUX-F
Reinshaus, Doreen Mrs. Dr. Germany CPUX-F
Reindler, Roman Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Reed, David Mr. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Rebecca, Meier Mrs. Switzerland CPUX-F
Rauche, Claudia Mrs. Germany CPUX-F
Rapin, Simon Mr. Switzerland CPUX-F
Ramm, Stefanie Mrs. Germany CPUX-F
Rafelt, Lorenz Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Radlbeck, Andrea Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Radicke, Sabine Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Pötzelsberger, Sarah Mrs. Austria CPUX-F
Pölz, Andreas Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Pärsch, Nikolai Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Purwin, Olaf Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Prebeck, Johannes Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Portisch, Sascha Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Polkehn, Knut Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Polkehn, Kerstin Mrs. Germany CPUX-F
Pohlmann, Jan Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Pilic-Ricken, Natali Mrs. Germany CPUX-F
Piazza, Eduard Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Pfister, Roland Mr. Switzerland CPUX-F
Pfeffer, Stefan Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Petzold, Karl Mr. France CPUX-F
Perner, Christoph Mr. Switzerland CPUX-F
Pedersen, Niels Mølbjerg Lund Mr. Denmark CPUX-F
Pawelczyk, Marta Mr. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Passeck, Peter Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Pappalardo, Alfio Mr. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Pagel, Paul Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Ostalé, Alejandro Mr. Austria CPUX-F
Oldale, Nicola Mrs. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Ogilvie, Scott Mr. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Oemig, Christoph Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Ocando Röhricht, Claudette Mrs. Germany CPUX-F
O Callaghan, Fergus Mr. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Nussbaumer, Sascha Mr. Switzerland CPUX-F
Nordmann, Sonja Mrs. Germany CPUX-F
Noha, Daniel Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Nodson, Donna Mr. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Nissen, Elvi Mrs. Denmark CPUX-F
Neudecker, Stephan Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Neubauer, Manuel Mr. Switzerland CPUX-F
Müllner, Juliette Mrs. Austria CPUX-F
Müller, Bettina Mrs. Dr. Austria CPUX-F
Murtinger, Markus Mr. Austria CPUX-F
Murth, Sandra Mrs. Austria CPUX-F
Munro, Hannah Mrs. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Moyles, Marie Mrs. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Mosca, Daniele Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Moore, Alison Mrs. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Monvoisin, Raphaelle Mr. France CPUX-F
Molich, Rolf Mr. Denmark CPUX-F
Mistry, Dipesh Mr. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Meyer, Samuel Mr. Switzerland CPUX-F
Meyer, Ludwig Mr. Austria CPUX-F
Menzel, Carsten Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Melzer, Stefan Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Mccollum, Heather Mrs. United Kingdom CPUX-F
McNally, Diarmad Mr. United Kingdom CPUX-F
McInnes, Amy Mrs. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Matyschiok, Christoph Karl Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Mattmüller, Kevin Mr. Switzerland CPUX-F
Manhartsberger, Martina Mrs. Dr. Austria CPUX-F
Madelaine, Cedric Mr. Switzerland CPUX-F
Macquaker, Ronnie Mr. Scotland CPUX-F
Macpherson, Jennifer Mrs. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Macleod, Anne Mrs. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Léger, Louis-Jérôme Mr. France CPUX-F
Luther, Pascal Mr. Switzerland CPUX-F
Ludewig, Elske Mrs. Germany CPUX-F
Luca, Honegger Mr. Switzerland CPUX-F
Little, Brian Mr. Scotland CPUX-F
Leist, Felix Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Lehner, Florian Mr. Austria CPUX-F
Lassen, Anders Mr. Denmark CPUX-F
Langton, Michael Mr. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Lamyman, Joe Mr. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Lahmann, Matthias Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Kühn, Simon Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Kuster, Marcel Mr. Switzerland CPUX-F
Kurschat, Jens Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Kuhn, Nicolas Mr. Switzerland CPUX-F
Krommer, Konstanze Mrs. Austria CPUX-F
Krisa, Oleksandr Mr. Ukraine CPUX-F
Kreutzer, Ingo Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Krancher, Andreas Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Kramm, Andreas Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Kramer, Jen Mrs. United States CPUX-F
Kolland, Claudia Mrs. Austria CPUX-F
Koleszko, Katarzyna Mrs. Germany CPUX-F
Kolder, Sebastian Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Knees, Maria Mrs. Austria CPUX-F
Kiratli, Ediz Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Kenngott, Christian Mr. Dr. Austria CPUX-F
Kempf, Dominik Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Kellerer, Markus Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Keim, Dennis Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Keenan, Devra Mr. United States CPUX-F
Kaufhold, Stefanie Mrs. Germany CPUX-F
Kane, Natalie Mrs. Germany CPUX-F
Kampf, Marijn Mr. Great Britain CPUX-F
Kalhøj Kobbelgaard, Cecilie Mr. Denmark CPUX-F
Jotz, Melanie Mrs. Germany CPUX-F
Jordan, Werner Mr. Austria CPUX-F
Jendryschik, Michael Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Janis, Ludmila Mr. Switzerland CPUX-F
James, Whittaker Mr. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Jacob, Petra Mrs. Germany CPUX-F
Ittner, Kevin Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Hölsken, Thomas Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Hrubesch, Nina Mrs. Germany CPUX-F
Horst, Dorit Mrs. Switzerland CPUX-F
Horschig, Maria Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Hopf, Hans-Georg Mr. Prof. Dr. Germany CPUX-F
Holliday, Ian Mr. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Holbeck, Sandra Mrs. Germany CPUX-F
Hoffmann, Max-Emanuel Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Hofer, Nathanael Mr. Switzerland CPUX-F
Hill, Martin Mr. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Hildbrand, Alex Mr. Switzerland CPUX-F
Heymanns, Holger Mr. Switzerland CPUX-F
Heuse, Florian Mr. Austria CPUX-F
Heimgärtner, Rüdiger Mr. Dr. Germany CPUX-F
Heiler, Tim Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Hediger, Ronald Mr. Switzerland CPUX-F
Heckner, Markus Mr. Prof. Dr. Germany CPUX-F
Haßlberger, Christiane Mrs. Germany CPUX-F
Hathaway, Charlie Mrs. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Hassan, Marvin Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Hartmann-Menzel, Carmen Mrs. Germany CPUX-F
Harms, Thomas Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Hansen, Benjamin Lenau Mr. Denmark CPUX-F
HAOUES, Yacine Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Grosz, Kai Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Grill, Thomas Mr. Dr. Austria CPUX-F
Gray, Audrey Mr. Scotland CPUX-F
Graf, Daria Mrs. Germany CPUX-F
Graeber, Sebastian Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Gottwald, Katharina Mrs. Germany CPUX-F
Goodall, John Mr. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Gonzalez Mellidez, Beatriz Mrs. Germany CPUX-F
Gladisch, Thomas Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Gittings, Jason Mr. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Gisiger, Ueli Mr. Switzerland CPUX-F
Gillessen, Monika Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Gillert, Stefan Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Gibbons, Alexandra Mrs. United States CPUX-F
Ghodsi, Christophe Mr. Austria CPUX-F
Geyer, Florian Mr. Dr. Germany CPUX-F
Getler, Magdalena Mr. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Geiser, Marc René Mr. Switzerland CPUX-F
Geis, Thomas Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Gavin, Marcus Mr. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Galefske, Julia Mrs. Germany CPUX-F
Funke, Markus Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Fullerton, Steven Mr. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Frydyada de Piotrowski, Arkadiusz Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Fok, Iuliia Mr. Ukraine CPUX-F
Foglia, Claudia Mrs. Germany CPUX-F
Flavio, Maspoli Mr. Switzerland CPUX-F
Fischerauer, Sandra Mrs. Austria CPUX-F
Fischer, Bernhard Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Fischer, Holger Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Ferreira, Pedro Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Fedorenko, Roman Mr. Ukraine CPUX-F
Erieau, Philippe Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Engelmann, Siimon Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Edwards, Michael Mr. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Ebert, Lioba Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Dubach, Christoph Mr. Switzerland CPUX-F
Donnini, Alexander Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Dohm-Leuner, Katharina Mrs. Germany CPUX-F
Dauter, Niels Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Cuvelier, Marcel Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Christin, Rahnfeld Mrs. Germany CPUX-F
Chandler, Edward Mr. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Casely, Venetia Mrs. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Carr, Catherine Mrs. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Cameron, Jessica Mrs. Dr. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Caldwell, Rachel Mrs. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Calderón, Alecxis Mr. Prof. Peru CPUX-F
Bürkel, Markus Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Böttinger, Antonia Mrs. Germany CPUX-F
Bölling, Luke Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Böhner, Julian Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Burns, Penny Mrs. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Brunner, Katharina Mrs. Switzerland CPUX-F
Boyer, Serpe Mr. United States CPUX-F
Bourquin, Beat Mr. Switzerland CPUX-F
Boston, Adam Mr. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Bolatov, Anuar Mr. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Bishop, Carl Mr. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Biscosi, Heike Mrs. Germany CPUX-F
Bischoff, Philipp Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Birke, Simon Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Binkert, Christian Mr. Switzerland CPUX-F
Bertoldo, Aurélie Mrs. Switzerland CPUX-F
Beringer, Joerg Mr. Dr. United States CPUX-F
Benz, Roman Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Bechinie, Michael Mr. Austria CPUX-F
Baumann-Sury, Philipp Mr. Dr. Switzerland CPUX-F
Barney, Kaye Mr. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Barnett-Hall, Natasha Mrs. United Kingdom CPUX-F
BAUDIN, Jérome Mr. France CPUX-F
Aubele, Tobias Mr. Prof. Dr. Germany CPUX-F
Arendt, Bettina Mr. Austria CPUX-F
Arendt, Bettina Mrs. Austria CPUX-F
Amos, Suzanne Mrs. United Kingdom CPUX-F
Altvater, Silke Mrs. Germany CPUX-F
Alers, Linda Mrs. Germany CPUX-F
Albertin, Michael Mr. Switzerland CPUX-F
AlMeraj, Zainab Mrs. Dr. Kuwait CPUX-F
Ahlheid, Sven Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Aedtner, Hagen Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Adamski, Tanja Mrs. Germany CPUX-F
Ackermann, Andy Mr. Switzerland CPUX-F
Achatz, Benedikt Mr. Germany CPUX-F
Abromand, Amina Mrs. Germany CPUX-F